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Durability meets design. Invest in a beautiful, low-maintenance epoxy floor that elevates your garage.

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Epoxy is a popular choice for warehouses, garages, machining areas, and medical centers due to its durability and resistance to contaminants.

Yes, we offer professional installation for epoxy flooring systems, minimizing disruption to your business operations.

Polyaspartic is a superior alternative to traditional epoxy floor coatings, offering better abrasion and chemical resistance. Our professional installers can refinish your floor with polyaspartic in less than a day thanks to its rapid curing time.

    • Versatile application: Installable in various weather conditions, eliminating scheduling restrictions.
    • Durable: Dries hard yet flexible, resulting in a stain and scratch-resistant finish.
    • Stylish: Offers a wide range of color and chip options for a customized look.
    • Quick drying: Cures within 30 minutes to an hour, minimizing downtime.
    • Colorfast: Resists fading and yellowing from UV rays, maintaining a vibrant appearance.
    • Fast installation: Completed in one day.
    • Durable finish: UV stable topcoat that maintains a high gloss and resists yellowing.
    • Tough and resistant: Excellent resistance to abrasion, impact, chemicals (oil, gas, coolant, salt), and scratches.
    • Safe and secure: Textured surface provides improved traction compared to traditional epoxies.
    • Waterproof: Protects your garage from moisture damage.
    • Heat tolerant: Higher heat tolerance than epoxy, preventing “hot tire pickup.”

Both Polyaspartic and Epoxy offer excellent qualities for garage floors. Polyaspartic provides a faster turnaround time, superior flexibility, and colorfastness. Epoxy offers a textured surface for improved traction and higher heat tolerance. Consider your priorities (durability, aesthetics, speed of installation) when making your decision.

Polished concrete offers a high gloss finish that increases light reflection, making spaces brighter. Additionally, polishing and sealing minimize contamination and enhance the overall appearance, creating a professional atmosphere.

Polished concrete is used in retail stores, warehouses, hospitals, and healthcare facilities.

Yes, we are a leading local company with decades of experience in concrete floor polishing, helping you save money.

Yes, we offer solutions for both new and existing concrete surfaces. Our grinding and polishing process effectively bridges the gap between aesthetics and performance, regardless of the concrete’s age.

We have decades of experience in the flooring industry and go beyond just quality and efficiency. We help you choose the right products and ensure seamless integration for your building.

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